About our Company


"Discovery journey world" Company has worked in the field of foreign languages teaching, education abroad, students exchange programmes and translations in Transnistria, Moldova since 2008. 

- Work and Travel in which students, participants of the program, work, have a rest, travel in the USA and obtain social guarantees similar their citizens.

- Curricular Practical Training in the USA is intended for university graduates to obtain the MBA degree  combined with professional experience.

- Higher education in France, Germany, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Poland.

- Secondary education in England, Ireland, the Isle of Man.

- A language course in the USA, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Bulgaria and Poland

- Foreign language courses in Tiraspol are an opportunity to boost your rating in the professional world. We offer the following programmes:

- English, all levels of preparation

- French, all levels of preparation

- German, all levels of preparation

- Italian, all levels of preparation

- Japanese, all levels of preparation

- Polish, all levels of preparation

- Russian, all levels of preparation

- Spanish, all levels of preparation

- Ukrainian, all levels of preparation

- TOFL, IELTS, TCF, DALF, DAAD, DAF, preparation for other examinations.

- English Language Club (ELC), we invite you to communicate in English where you will be able to get acquainted with cultures and ways of life of different countries and meet interesting people.

- Interpreting and Translation. Translation and interpretation services are carried out from and into the following languages: Bulgarian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian.