Translation Service

In the modern world the person needs mobility, flexibility, professionalism and ability to resolve issues in various language environments. Our company renders services in interpretation and translation from and into the following languages:

• English                          

• Bulgarian

• Italian

• German

• Polish

• Portuguese

• Romanian

• Russian

• Spanish


• Ukrainian

• French

• Japanese

Our translators and interpreters are certified and experienced. We differ from others by our professional attitude to work, experience, confidentiality and efficiency. Our specialists constantly work with native speakers and authentic materials.

We make translations of such documents as: passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, military IDs, powers of attorney, diplomas,  other certificates, agreements, contracts, charters of the company, bank documents, documents for a visa, business plans, business letters, scientific articles.

Send an e-mail with the file you need to translate or call our office, and we will take your order.

Translation Service Rate

Translation of 1 standard page * from English into Russian, depending on the character and complexity of the text

120-150 Rub.

The same, from Russian into English

90-120 Rub.

Consecutive interpretation - 1 hour

                                            - 2 hours

                                            - 3 hours

240 Rub.

400 Rub.

600 Rub.

Simultaneous interpretation – 1 hour

400 Rub.

Translation + accompaniment *** - full-time working day

800 Rub.

Urgent Translation **

Extra 50-100%  of translation cost

Translation editing

from 50% oftranslation cost

Help in drawing up business letters, summary, filling of questionnaires, the translation

from 60 Rub.

The translation of letters by e-mail, standard documents: passports, the diploma (without extract), applications for departure, birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of  name change, the certificate of a marriage, certificate of a clean record, other references.

from 60 Rub.

Search of information  in the English language on the Internet with the translation into Russian or drawing up the report in Russian

Contractual price

* 1 standard page is 1800 characters with spaces and original punctuation marks that corresponds to 1 page of the A-4, 13 font, a one-and-a-half (1, 5) interval between lines.

** Standard speed of technical translation is from 1-5 pages for 1 full-time working day; 6-10 pages in 2 working days, etc. The urgent translation of 1-5 pages is  in up to 4 hours or translation of 6-10 pages in one working day, etc.

*** In case of a business trip during the interpretation and transportation costs, accommodation and food are compensated by the customer according to their actual cost.

In case of use of the translator’s car the client compensates the cost of gasoline and depreciation expenses.

**** During the work with a PDF source, there is a markup of 20%.

***** Cost of translation into the French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Japanese languages is by 20% higher. Other language rates will be coordinated separately.