English Language Club (ELC).

The Club invites you to communicate in English where you will be able to familiarize  with the culture and way of life of different countries and to meet interesting people.

For sure, you are interested to know what we are doing in our Club.

First, the presenters in our sessions are professors and students who had practical training in English-speaking countries or native speakers from Great Britain, America and Canada. During the whole time you will communicate on most different subjects, play games, and if desired, you will be able even to sing in English. There are no exercises and marks with us. There is only live English, and you completely merge into this environment.

Secondly, we run the Club with the purpose of helping beginners overcome their language barrier and advanced learners practice their linguistic skills. You know it is hard to speak a foreign language fluently. So, it is necessary to have knowledge and practice. That is why we organized our Club.

Welcome to become a participant in the ELC!